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Evo technology integrates new one of a kind features which revolutionize the performances of the damper. Our patented technology separates oil movement and energy dissipation, allowing us to integrate new features that are unique in the world into our rear shock, including hydraulic buffers in compression and rebound. This means that no matter what the pilot does, the rear shock will never be able to hit the ground.

Flow EVO Coil also includes a piston capable of filtering vibrations, which optimizes both comfort and grip. It also significantly reduces the heating of the shock absorber, allowing it to better preserve its properties. Its performance remains equal over time and the pilot is isolated from vibrations. You can have the best in any given situation! In addition to offering you all the classic high end settings (high and low speed in rebound and compression), our Flow EVO Coil allows you to have 5 preset compression modes (high and low speed) thanks to an ultra accessible knob. No need to compromise anymore. You can have the best in any given situation!

Our FLOW EVO COIL shock absorber is perfectly suited for muscle and electric bicycles. If you are an All-Mountain or Enduro rider, you will make the best of it !

How to choose your spring ? See the equivalence table:

Spring in N/mm  50    60    70    80    90    100    110  
Spring in Lbs  300    350    400    450    500    550    600  

You need us to choose your spring so send us the 3 following infos to contact@motion-ride.com :

      1. the total weight including your weight with gears and your bike weight,
      2. your current shock travel,
      3. your current shock stroke.


Disciplines: All-Mountain, Enduro

Double Hydraulic Buffer

High Frecuency filtering piston

External settings
High speed Compression (HSC)
High speed Rebound (HSR)
Low speed Compression (LSC)
Low speed Rebound (LSR)
Selection wheel for 5 Presettings in compression (HSC & LSC): OPEN, LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH & LOCK
Preload setting for the spring

Aluminium 7075 T6 machined CNC and anodised - laser engraving

Weight damper Lenght 185mm: 360gr
Weight spring: between 160gr and 320gr

Our FLOW EVO Coil is guaranteed 2 years for a 150 kg maximum rider.

30 days ride Guarantee

We’re so confident you’ll be bowled over by your new Motion fork that we’re offering a 30 day money back guarantee. You can try the Motion fork at home and if you’re not satisfied, you can send it back to us for a full refund.

Payment in 2 times

When you order your suspension on our website, you have the opportunity to deposit a 50% deposit when ordering and we will contact you at the time of sending your product to ask you the balance.

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