Motion - The story continues !

Dear riders, dear friends,

MOTION was re-organized at the end of 2019 to integrate our new main shareholder. For legal reasons, we were not authorized to communicate during this period. We apologize our customers and peoples that follow us for that enforced silence.

I am pleased to inform you that everything is now as it should be.Our stocks are available again and we do our best to fulfill your expectations. The company is now ME Concept, but nothing else change. We ensure continuity in the treatment of guarantee and all customer services including specific settings for competitors. Your single «customer entrance point » is now : Thomas Barthelemy ( whom we welcome among the MOTION team.

MOTION has ambitions, and thanks to our new shareholder, we have the means to achieve them. We will keep bringing new cycle technologies for pleasure, safety and performances. In particular, MOTION will keep developing and selling its own products, real technological showcases, that give opportunity to pioneers to benefit right now from the futures technologies.

Moreover, MOTION starts to transfer its technologies to the current market players for the benefit of a rapid and efficient deployment of the use of our patents, that will make more riders able to access MOTION technologies. In the beginning of this year, we have already started to work with a famous French brand, and we hope we could give you more information quickly.

More great innovations, products and partnership are expected for 2020. We look forward to sharing that information to you on social networks and events. Stay tuned!

See you soon on trails.

Have fun!

Matthieu ALFANO, founder.