They talk about MOTION in Moutain Bike Action italian magazine

Motion is making waves on the other side of the Alps : our E18 fork is featured in the Italian version of the monthly Mountain Bike Action, the world's best-selling mountain bike magazine.

You will find a reminder of the features but above all a test in condition. It appears that it is conclusive!

If you do not speak Italian, a summary of the main points:

  • A spectacular construction.
  • A surprising impact on driving: extraordinary sensitivity and a fork that absorbs all bumps and irregularities. On fast shocks the hydraulics do not block, the stroke remains fully available.
  • It is especially during braking that the difference is felt. "We are amazed at the compression and reaction capacity on rocks and roots."
  • An overall score of 4/5.

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We take this opportunity to introduce our new Italian distributor IBS (Italian Bike Service)!