Youtubers testing the MOTION

Ali Clarkson and the E18

Ali Clarkson contacted us many months ago to test the E18 at home in Scotland. He had to be patient but he was rewarded by receiving an E18 in 170mm around Christmas.

His cumulative rider experience with his very British humor is particularly tasty. We invite you to discover through his video very engaged sessions, his hot sensations and his cold analysis after several weeks of testing.

Here some extracts: "the antidive system definitely works. It is mind blowing" or "I went twice as fast as I expected"


Steve and the E18

Steve is passionate about MTB and had the opportunity to test the MOTION with our Hong Kong distributor.

This test convinced him perfectly and he bought the fork to enjoy it every day.

Here an extract: "antidive is a huge advantage, I will never be able to come back to a telescopic fork"


Press talks about it

Our clients tell everything about the fork

Our #Motionrider witness

Scot gives us his first sensations with enthusiasm and pleasure.

"After I put the E18 on I realized how much I was using body movement to combat the effects of brake dive and how much it reduced traction. Today, well, no brake dive and having full travel and sensitivity through the corner is really cool."

"It's stiff. The thing doesn't ****ing move. It surprised the hell out of me the first time I racked it up in my 1Up. The Pike flexes an inch or three. The E18 moved a half inch and stopped. It doesn't move sideways either."