THOK E-BIKES : Performance First

THOK E-BIKES is an italian brand who has an amasing design and a specifique technology called LOW GRAVITY CENTER.

Thanks to LGC technology, the position of the battery (a 504Wh battery, water-resistant, with a life expectancy of 1000 charge cycles) guarantees a lower centre of gravity on the MIG, optimizing its weight distribution. This ensures stability and brilliant handling when it is time to negotiate obstacles, both down and uphill.

Mountain biking is a wonderful sport, that takes you on incredible adventures into nature. It is also a fantastic form of exercise, with no CO2-emmitting vehicles sharing the trails, making it very healthy, reducing stress and decreasing chances of depression! Regular cycling strengthens the heart, helps you maintain a healthy weight and is easy on your joints. Now, thanks to the pedal electric cycle (pedelec) the mtb world has become accessible to everybody. For those who have never attempted a mtb for fear of fatigue, or those who are unable to do it anymore due to lack of training, wives with husbands, fathers with children, grandparents with their grandchildren …




Cavalerie is a French brand offering bikes mounted with an innovative gearbox Effigear.

Thanks to the KIT Builder, you can order online the MOTION fork with the bike.

Whether in competition or between friends, the Anakin meets the expectations of Enduro: efficient suspension, pedaling performance, no pumping, lightness and solidity. The short bases offer a maximum dynamics, a low crank axle for stability, a long length of top tube for pedaling comfort and a steering angle closed for performance on downhill.

Anatrail is in so the bike archetypal passkey. Conceived on the same bases as his older brother, Anakin, he inherits from his capacities of descender. But thanks to its clearance of 140mm and its wheels in 29", Anatrail is a climber who can face any slope.

The brand new bike from Cavalerie offering a carbon frame! More info on this bike soon.



LONE Bicycles launches the Parabellum: A modular frame unique in the world

The idea of this unique bike comes from an observation: many consumers are looking for a bike to do everything and the multiplication of '' standards '' makes the market and its reading more complex. To address these issues, Lone Bicycles offers a revolutionary solution: a unique frame, compatible with the 3 main models of wheels 27,5 ", 27,5 PLUS or 29" without changing the geometry of the bike. It is also possible to adjust the length of the rear bases to 20 mm. Depending on the shock used: standard/imperial or metric, the Parabellum develops 159 to 163 mm travel. The frame (with all accessories like saddle collar, axle etc ...) is at 3.6 kilos. For the passage of sheaths, Lone gives you the choice, internally or externally.

All designs and testing are done in France. The frame is handmade in the best Taiwanese factories with a high quality of production and precise specifications.



Artisan cadreur VTT en Auvergne. Conception sur mesure, Fabrication en acier haut de gamme, Montage à la carte.

Utopy Fusion Le modèle enduro, 160mm de débattement pour la randuro du dimanche jusqu'aux bike parks !

  • Cadre en acier Reynolds 853 sur mesure
  • Amortisseur DVO Topaz T3Air
  • Peinture unie et stickers aux couleurs de votre choix
  • Jeu de direction, serrage de selle et axe arrière 12x148mm inclus
  • Option : passage de câbles interne

Utopy Fusion SR La version endurigide, pour fourche jusqu'à 160mm de débattement

  • Cadre en acier Reynolds 853 sur mesure
  • Peinture unie et stickers aux couleurs de votre choix
  • Jeu de direction, serrage de selle et axe arrière 12x148mm inclus
  • Option : passage de câbles interne