Our demo forks in your hands

Everyone wants to ride with a MOTION fork but the budget of a new fork is not within the reach of everyone.

You have this chance if you accept to ride with a MOTION fork that has already been used either at a trade show or for a demo with partners of the cycle industry.

A refurbished fork is a product that has already been used but has been 100% revised by us. This includes:

  • 100% of the bearings and bushings replaced
  • all the seals, bushings and oil are new in the damper
  • the customisation of the fork (stickers, caps) is new.

All these refurbished forks have a 2 years guarantee on all parts as for a new fork.

During the buying process, you will have to enter the promo code: SECONDHAND. The refurbished forks available are for E18 forks only at 900€.