Pushing the limits of technology so you can push yours

Motion is first and foremost about getting more out of your time on the bike. It’s about the pleasure that comes from perfection. Pure Ride for us means pure enjoyment. The better our bike works, the more fun we have.

Our unique design improves the performance of your bike, so you get more out of your ride. Our ground breaking technology means a low maintenance. Less time fettling and more time riding!

Pure Ride is about time spent on the bike with friends and family; that buzz you get off downing a tricky bit of trail; exploring far and wide; and pushing beyond your limits.

It’s all about the #PureRide

You’ve waited all day for this moment. When you switch off your computer and get into your riding gear. Pedalling away from work, from worries. Your heart beating and every atom of your being concentrating on the trail.

Nothing else matters when you’re at one with your bike. The #PureRide spirit.


Our customers are our pilots

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just about manage to make it out at the weekend, a Motion fork is for you.

We created the Motion club to have a special connection with our first customers. We want to understand your needs, which is why we started a precursors program in 2016, with normal riders giving us feedback. Your input and opinion matters to us and we want to reward you for spreading the word.

To know all advantages being part of the CLUB MOTION, you just have to click here.



Motion Ride is a new way of thinking about suspension. A French brand that believes in innovation, in quality, in performance and in reliability. We believe true innovation comes when you start at zero and imagine a different way of doing things.

Three patents have been filed for the technology we developed internally, that has resulted in a fork that’s easy to use, gives better control, and requires low maintenance.

Motion products are designed, developed and tested in France by a team of engineers, and initial development was helped by our precursor program of 30 riders. We now have 4 persons in our team.