Performance and simplicity

A Motion fork looks different because its technology is a far cry from most forks currently on the market. Our technology has been developed internally, with 3 international patents filed in order to provide you with a fork that offers better control for less maintenance.

At Motion, we’ve looked at suspension from a different point of view. We don’t see the interest in bringing out a product that’s similar, but slightly better, to the products already on the market. We started again from a clean slate looking to solve some of the problems with telescopic forks.

A Motion fork is unaffected by braking, which on standard forks reduces the available travel and destabilises the front of the bike. Our anti-dive technology means the fork travel is available at 100% everytime. It gives an incredible feeling of safety and better handling for a more enjoyable and efficient ride.

We are proud of our radically different approach. By choosing Motion you’re showing you can go against the grain and embrace an exciting new technology.


A Motion fork never suffers from diving when braking, so always has 100% of its travel ready to absorb impacts.

A standard fork dives under braking, losing up to 80% of its travel, and therefore shock absorbing capabilities. The Motion fork has been specially conceived to solve this problem and does not compress when braking.

A Motion fork uses energy from braking to automatically and instantly compensate the forces generated by the transfer of mass, that tries to compress the fork.

A Motion fork is not affected by the rider’s weight or the different levels of power exerted when braking. The frame is mounted at 100% with ball bearings from Enduro Bearings.

THE WAVE© 2nd Patent

The Wave is the spring: a pulled curved composite blade offering a perfect progressive suspension curve. No risk of damper or spring heat or leak. In addition, the absence of friction results in more comfort and grip.

The Wave guarantees a consistent performance in all circumstances.

The blade can be tuned for the rider’s weight and riding style by simply adjusting the preload using a 6mm allen key: we set notably the SAG. Simple and efficient !


The Flow is an oil based shock absorber, developed internally at Motion using a thru shaft technology, and integrated cooling system and is specially conceived to have no friction.

A unique technology that brings many benefits

  • No floating piston: less parts and seals
  • No friction: more comfort and grip
  • Behaviour stays the same throughout a long descent
  • Manual adjustments for low speed rebound
  • No leakage due to atmospheric pressure chambers at both ends
  • You want to change your damper to have the latest? you just have to dismantle 2 screws and mount the new one!