Performance and simplicity

A Motion fork looks different because its technology is a far cry from most forks currently on the market. Our technology has been developed internally, with 3 international patents filed in order to provide you with a fork that offers better control for less maintenance.

At Motion, we’ve looked at suspension from a different point of view. We don’t see the interest in bringing out a product that’s similar, but slightly better, to the products already on the market. We started again from a clean slate looking to solve some of the problems with telescopic forks.

A Motion fork is unaffected by braking, which on standard forks reduces the available travel and destabilises the front of the bike. Our anti-dive technology gives an incredible feeling of security and better handling for a more enjoyable ride.

But that’s not all! Our high quality parts do not wear down with use. For an easier life, a Motion fork needs no maintenance and no ongoing adjustments. Set it up once and it’ll keep going happily for years to come. Less time servicing, more time riding.

We are proud of our radically different approach. By choosing Motion you’re showing you can go against the grain and embrace an exciting new technology.


A Motion fork never suffers from diving when braking, so always has 100% of its travel ready to absorb impacts.

A standard fork dives under braking, losing up to 80% of its travel, and therefore shock absorbing capabilities. The Motion fork has been specially conceived to solve this problem and does not compress when braking.

A Motion fork uses energy from braking to automatically and instantly compensate the forces generated by the transfer of mass, that tries to compress the fork.

A Motion fork is not affected by the rider’s weight or the different levels of power exerted when braking. Our fork is mounted with composite fibreglass bearings that do not lose any force or stiffness over time and are perfectly smooth. No more time wasted servicing worn out bearings!

More security

  • Reduced risk of accidents
  • More stable
  • Better shock absorption: 7 times greater when braking

More efficiency

  • Quicker through switchbacks and descending as we can brake when we want to
  • Improved grip

More fun

  • Improved handling
  • Less arm pump as the suspension works to 100% efficiency

You’ll gain better control and handling as you can brake at any moment without compromising your suspension. With improved suspension performance you can push your limits or simply feel safer.

THE WAVE© 2nd Patent

The Wave is the spring: a pulled curved composite blade which reacts instantly to impacts. There is no friction and therefore it absorbs even the smallest bumps and shocks. A blade gives an incredibly progressive suspension curve: sensitive on small bumps and progressive on big shocks.

Why use the Wave?

  • more comfort
  • more grip
  • no friction
  • Unaffected by different temperatures.

The blade can be tuned for the rider’s weight and riding style by simply adjusting the pre-tensioning using a 6mm allen key: we set notably the SAG. Simple and efficient !

The sensitivity will not change over time and a Motion fork will be as effective throughout its life as it is on it’s first day of use.


The Flow is an oil based shock absorber, developed internally at Motion using a thru shaft technology, and integrated cooling system and is specially conceived to have no friction.

Its unique technology makes settings very simple.

  • No floating piston: less parts and seals
  • Better sensitivity and reliability
  • Behaviour stays the same throughout a long descent
  • Manual adjustments for low speed rebound
  • No leakage due to atmospheric pressure chambers at both ends
  • You want to change your damper to have the latest? you just have to dismantle 2 screws and mount the new one!

Last, but definitely not least, you will not need to change the oil or the seals. Less time servicing, more time riding!

No more arm pump

Friction on standard forks means that a threshold has to be passed before they react to shocks. Friction between the lower legs and tubes, and between the seals and wall of the air spring mean that a threshold of 20-30kg has to be passed before it will react and damp out shocks. The rider affronts all small shocks and bumps unaided by their fork.

A Motion fork has solved this problem. The air spring has been replaced with a composite blade which has no adverse effects from friction. The body uses composite bearings which have very low friction. Together, this means that as little as 1kg of force will trigger the Motion fork into action.

This makes a Motion fork at least 20 times as sensitive as a conventional fork. But in reality what does that mean for you? Very simply: better comfort and grip, which translates as less arm pump and a more secure ride.