2013-2014: Matthieu finds a new way

Motion all began with one man. Matthieu Alfano, the founder, wanted to put his engineering expertise to use improving his hobby, mountain biking. He, like many others, was aware of the limits of current suspension products on the market, and set out to find a solution. Starting with a blank sheet of paper he know he needed something radically different.

In 2013 he filed his first patent when he found the solution for fa suspension fork that was unaffected by a rider braking. He had found the solution in theory, but needed to ensure it worked in the field, so in 2014 he manufactured the first prototype of the Motion anti-dive fork in his garage. Tests were conclusive: the fork worked (here in action). Now he needed to move forward with perfecting other elements and production.

2015: Motion is born

Matthieu started manufacturing a second prototype with a new patent: the pulled composite blade that acts as a spring on Motion forks. He brought in Brice Epailly, well-known racer and founder of Caminade bikes, to test it. When Brice was blown away by this fork, Matthieu knew he was on the right track.

Matthieu made use of France’s biggest MTB event, the Roc d’Azur in October, to unveil this new technology to the press and public. The buzz created by the small Motion stand carried on afterwards as media speculated about the fork. Matthieu had by now also found his two partners to help him bring forward Motion, Xavier Roussel and Thierry Leclercq.

2016: The Precursors Program

30 precursors were chosen to join the 3 associates and help develop Motion forks. It was important for us to have the technology tested by both accomplished racers and everyday weekend warriors. Riders came from both XC and Enduro backgrounds to ensure the anti-dive technology could be tested by different riding styles and on different terrain.

This spurred on the ambitious project to manufacture 50 forks in France. The design was 100% Made in Alfano, parts were manufactured by French machinists, and everything was assembled in the small workshop in Orsay.

The hard work paid off as the new riders all reported back that the forks worked. Their bikes handled better, meaning they had improved comfort and a greater feeling of safety.

At the 2016 Roc d’Azur the stand was swamped, and for the first time the French media were also able to test these prototypes.

2017: Fundraising and more innovation

Significant investment was necessary to complete production and invest in the launch and necessary staff.

After 6 months of working on the fundraising, it was complete, mainly thanks to the investment fund FaDièse who believed wholeheartedly in the project.

This enabled development to accelerate rapidly in the Villefranche-sur-Saône HQ. Most importantly, we were able to design, manufacture and test our very own hydraulic damper, another new Motion patent.

2018: Motion forks launch

After five years of development the Motion E18 and E18+ are finally ready !

Motion now has a workshop that’s equipped to do all development internally: our RIDE centre, which you can find out more about below.

A manufacturing partner was found in Taiwan. ICHU Technology works with some of the leading manufacturers in MTB suspension and can ensure high quality production and work to strict deadlines.

This year more MTB shows were added to our calendar so riders could test Motion forks and find out more.


RIDE : Research, Innovation, Development and Testing

Step through the Showroom to visit our RIDE centre in Villefranche-sur-Saône. The team worked hard to complete this important showroom and R&D centre.

The 250m2 workshop has everything we need to develop innovative new technologies

  • A design office where the magic happens
  • 3D resin and plastic printers for rapid prototyping
  • Machines for manufacturing real prototypes
  • Static and dynamic testing lab
  • A heating press to develop composite parts

We’ll soon be able to offer you a virtual guide through the RIDE centre.


Why manufacture in Taiwan?

Taiwan is a must

Most high end bike components are manufactured in Taiwan. Incredible production expertise and experience is centred within a few Taiwanese companies. To ensure the best possible product at the best possible price, Motion decided to carefully select a production partner in Taiwan. We chose to work with ICHU Technology which manufacturers springs and assembles forks for some of the biggest suspension brands.

All main parts are forged then machined in aluminium 7075 T6.

The composite blade is the only part manufactured in France because it requires a unique manufacturing process.

Final assembly is carried out in our Villefranche-sur-Saône workshop, and we test each product to make sure it is perfect.

Your new fork will be checked and tested on our machines before being delivered.