Welcome to the Motion Club

As a Motion’s client, you are a privileged member of the Motion Club. We created the Motion Club to have a special connection with our first customers, those who dared taking part in this adventure from the very beginning. At Motion, we aim to expand the family with people that share our values: adventure driven riders, eager to break the rules and with an appetite for new experiences. To this end, we have launched an exclusive sponsorship program that will allow you to bring your friends into the Motion Club and both enjoy exceptional advantages.
  • For you (the sponsor): Get a €400 credit on your account for every new sponsored client, to use towards future purchases.

  • For your sponsored friend: A €200 credit on his account as soon as he has placed the order

How to benefit from this offer? Nothing’s easier!

1. Give to your friend the E-mail address associated with your order

2. Your friend simply has to enter your email in the “Code or E-mail address of your sponsor” field when he creates an account on the www.motion-ride.com website.